Infinix Note 4: Soon To Launch With Samsung Like Design and X-Pen?

Infinix is soon to launch it’s next smartphone for the year 2017 – The Infinix Note 4.

As usual, rumours regarding the device has begin to surface online and this time, there seem to be something intriguing.

Based on leaked reports which hasn’t been confirmed in anyway, the infinix note 4 will be available in two models. Infinix launching devices in two models isn’t new. Hence, the infinix note 4 being released in two models couldn’t be far from reality.

One model will share some similarity with the infinix traditional design while the other seem to have a similar design to what Samsung currently offers.

Leaked Infinix Note 4 Images

Leaked images of the Note 4 smartphone with some old infinix design can be seen below:

infinix note 4 leaked photo


The other model model design can be seen below:

infinix note 4 with samsung design


Notice the curved glass back? That’s a striking resemblance with what Samsung’s offering on it’s latest Edge and Note devices.

Both models is said to feature a physical home button which could double as a fingerprint sensor.

infinix note 4 with home button


Another interesting leaked addition would be the S-pen. Ooophs! Sorry, I meant X-Pen. At least, that’s what the report says.

infinix note 4 X-Pen


In my opinion, the addition of a PEN (if true), will define the Infinix Note series as truly a note device.

Although this report hasn’t been confirmed in anyway, infinix mobility has started pushing out teasers for their next device. Which could turn out to be the note 4.

infinix smartphone teaser


As usual, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt until full authenticity is proven.


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