Innjoo Mobile Technology Limited Lagos Office Shut Down By NCC – Confirmed

Sometime yesterday, news had it that Mobile OEM, innjoo mobile’s office in LAGOS State Nigeria has been shut down. While most people took the report as perhaps a rumour, it has been confirmed as true.

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)  in partnership with Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), has had the innjoo technologies Ltd office in LAGOS State shut down indefinitely.

Innjoo Mobile office

According to confirmed report, the office was shutdown due to the use of substandard hardware and materials being used in producing innjoo phones and not passing through NCC approval. More emphasis was actually placed on the newly launched innjoo fire.

Although the news was reported by one of Nigeria’s top newspaper, most people still didn’t believe it. Well,  a friend was at the innjoo office in LAGOS earlier today to confirm the report and yes, the office has been shut down.

Innjoo office shut down - vanguard

Speaking with a security officer on ground at the office, it was revealed that the office has been locked since last week Thursday. She also revealed that innjoo has problems with NCC hence the problem needs to be sorted out before the office can be re-opened.

No concrete information was given as to when the office will be reinstated. However, we will give more information as soon as we get a report from Innjoo Mobile.


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