How To Install and Use Fonts On Innjoo Note Android Phone

Back on the innjoo note android phone, we have written quiet some interesting tutorial about the device. One of the best things I love about the device is that, rooting and changing it’s IMEI is very easy which is unlike most other android devices.

Before now, we talked on how to use kingroot app in rooting the innjoo note android phone and there on that post, we said we are trying to device a means to which we’d be able to install and use fonts on the device and that has now been achieved.

Downloading, installing and using fonts on the device is quite easy. For Samsung and other android devices, using fonts is as easy as downloading any font from the Google play store and installing but that’s different in the case of most MTK android phones.

Below are some fonts I installed and used on the innjoo note which makes the phone interface look more beautiful and styled.

innjoo note fontandroid phone font using font on mtk android phone

So, are you ready to know how to install and use fonts on your innjoo note or any other android phone? If yes, then let’s move ahead.

Installing and Using Fonts On Innjoo Note Android Phone

==> First and Foremost, before you can apply fonts on your mtk android phone and it takes effect, the phone needs to be rooted. We’ve got information on this blog which shows on how to root the innjoo note phone, Tecno and others. To learn how to root the innjoo note, Please Click Here. To learn how to root Tecno Phones, please click here.

==> When you are sure your phone is rooted, download ihont from Google Play store. You can click here to download.

==> Launch the app, download any of the font you’d like and choose to Apply.

==> Your android device will have to reboot for the new font to take place. You can choose to change fonts as often as you like, however, you should be careful not to overdo as some fonts could brick a device. If you choose to changing fonts as often as you like, then please make a backup of your device so that it would be easy to recover the device if it eventually gets bricked.

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