Behold, The iPhone 7 Is Now Available in (PRODUCT)Red Color + Unboxing Video

Yesterday, Apple introduced a couple of new products into the market. However, the main shot was the introduction of a (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

32GB iPhone 7 in product red color

Other than the new iPhone 7 color being introduced, Apple also unveiled the new 2017 iPad with a 9.7-inch display with powerful hardware. A 128GB iPhone SE was also unveiled as well as more storage unit of the iPad mini 4, Various Apple watch and new case color options.

Back to the main star of the show – the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)Red edition.

Unboxing iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)Red Special Edition

YouTuber, MKBHD has unveiled the iPhone 7 color variant. And according to him, the device sure looks stunning in the new color.

While the device has a back red color design, that’s pretty much what’s new. The content of the box retains the usual white color we are already accustomed to. The front panel of the device retains the white color as well.

You’d get a (PRODUCT)Red card as part of the package. Now, the red edition is actually courtesy of a campaign that Apple is working on to fight against AIDS. But really, it won’t be a bad idea to see more Apple products with the red color variant. Or, what do you think?

As earlier mentioned, all of the other content of the box are in white. This includes the earphones, lightening cable and the USB charger. It would have been super cool if all of these had the red flavor.

While a couple of people are comfortable with the red back color matched with a white front panel, MKBHD expresses a black front panel would have been a better idea. And frankly, I share in same sentiment.

However, MKBHD did mention three possibly solutions to still having the red back color with a black front panel. These are; changing the front panels (interchanging from one iPhone to another), putting a black skin on the front panel or putting a red case on any of the black front panel iPhones. Easy huh?

The (PRODUCT)Red color variant of the iPhone 7 is the third color variant Apple has introduced. The other two being Jet Black and Matte Black. BTW, the touch ID ring on the new color variant remains silver.

What’s your thought on the new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)Red edition?


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