It’s been a while since I published a post related to this as I thought most people are already familiar with the cheapest data plans for their iOS (iPhone and iPad),  android and Computer devices.

Apparently, that is not the case. Most people are still paying extravagantly for data plans when they can actually save more money by subscribing to lower plans that would work on their devices.

July 2015 cheapest data plans for iPhone, iPad, Android and computer

Without wasting much time, I am just going to state the cheapest and perhaps, best data plans for Android, iOS and Computer devices.

July 2015 Glo Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iOS and Computer

So far so good, Glo Nigeria still offers the cheapest data plan in the country. If you own a blackberry 10 phone as well as a glo SIM, you can share the data from the bb10 phone to other devices via hotshot.

Glo bis offers 3GB of data for just N1000 and you can subscribe like thrice in a month and even more. That equals to about 9GB for just 3GB which can be shared to other devices via hotshot.

If you do not own a blackberry 10 phone, you can change your Android phone imei in other to use same glo bis on it without stress.

For iOS users and without a bb10 phone as well as PC Users, you can subscribe to normal Glo data plans which can also be used on computers.

MTN Cheapest Data Plans

If using an android phone, MTN bis still works using simple server. If you do not want to undergo the stress of having to use bis alongside Simple Server, you can subscribe to the betterme plan which gives you 2015MB for N2015.

The mtn betterme plan can be used on all devices including iPhone and computers and you can subscribe more than once in a month.

July 2015 Airtel Cheapest Data Plans

Without much talks on the airtel network, you can simply use the Android plan which gives you 2GB for N2000 and 4GB for N2000. The plan works on all devices including computers.


Etisalat still offers the best network service when it comes to speed. However, this depends on the network location. The telecommunication network has been known for pretty high subscription cost until lately, they launched lower data plans. With 1GB Data For N1000 or 2GB for N2000, you can enjoy surfing on all of your devices.

To Activate the Etisalat 1GB plan, dial *229*2*7# and N1000 will be deducted from your account. To Activate the 2GB plan, dial *229*2*8# and that goes for N2000.

So, there you have it. For Windows phone users, normal plans works as well. I am still rocking the glo bis plan on all of my devices with the bb10 phone but as a blogger who loves surfing the Web, depending on one network may be a not so good idea and that’s more reason I use the MTN 2015MB on my iPhone and that does pretty good as well.

If you’ve got questions related to the cheapest data plans on any device for the month of July 3025, please feel free to ask using the comment form.


  1. Hello!. Please, I subscribe the 2gb data plan of etisalat on my iphone5 but it lasted for a week. Please, can I use my Airtel Sim for my iPhone5 n etisalat Sim for BbQ10?, n pls, can u list d cheapest data plan for me for both Sim or if I can share anyone of them by Hotspot?

  2. Pls Samuel, is the Glo 3gigs comonth BIS for 1000 still working on BBz30 and how can I subscribe? Urgent reply pls because am about switching to Glo BLACKBERR10 monthly subscription today.

  3. Pls I use a Q10 and Glo network is bad here and the airtel 1500 for 3gb I use. Doesn’t last airtel drains my network, pls which cheaper network can I use that will last me. 2015

  4. I wanted to also chip in the information that airtel has introduced the 1Gig plan for andriod phones and it goes for 1000 Naira. Just thought I’d mention this too. By the way nice website/blog.

  5. Pls sam can u help us verify if the airtel 4G for 2000 works on BlackBerry 10 fone? Reply urgently needed cos glo network is poor where I am, also can u help me wit code to migrate to cheaper tarrifs on etisalat cos I pay lik 30 per min n I dnt even knw Whc plan am using. Tnks pls add me to your mailing list. My email is [email protected]

  6. Pls does the airtel 4G for 2000 work on bb10 phones? If yes how do I activate it n I hope it can be shared with other devices? Thanks

    • Annonymous, there are chances it would work even though i haven’t tried it. Dial *437*1# to subscribe.

  7. Hello Samuel, Please I used a Blackberry 9810 (O.S. 7.1) which has the hotspot feature….will the Glo bis still work on the device? Or is the glo bis restricted completely to BB10 O.S. Devices?

    • So far so good, I have only confirmed it workable on bb10 phones. Although glo bis works on lower BlackBerry phones, it can’t be tethered.


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