June/July Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2014 For PC and Android – Confirmed

Just before we go ahead into the June/July 2014 free browsing cheat for the year 2014 confirmed working on PC and Android, We’d like apologize for bringing this late. Initially, on an earlier post where we talked on 2014 free browsing cheat for all networks, we promised to update you guy when a free browsing cheat is released.

This airtel free browsing cheat has been ongoing for a while now and a lot of people have been flexing it. We really apologize for keeping you out on this for this long. However, we will try to be more prompt with information as this when it comes out next. Although we still keep it quick to post educational News updates for Nigerian Students. Like the saying goes, its better late than never.

airtel free browsing cheat june july 2014

June/July 2014 Airtel Free Browsing Cheat For PC and Android

Just as stated on the title on this post, this cheat has been confirmed working. We personally confirmed it working for PC using PDProxy VPN although some coupon of other VPNS have been reported working. While for android phones, we have confirmed it working using Your-Freedom VPN although DroidVPN has been confirmed working also.

Configure June/July Airtel Free Browsing Cheat On PC

As earlier stated, We have only confirmed this free browsing cheat working For Computer using PDProxy VPN Software, hence that’s what we are going to use for this tutorial.


Just before we go ahead to the steps, I just need to be sure that you’ve got the required things in place.

A modem(Airtel or Any other Unlocked Network Modem Can work)
An Airtel Sim that’s been used in browsing before(We cannot ascertain if newly bought sims would work)
PD-ProxyVPN – Download and register for a PDProxy VPN account. Can be downloaded Here

Got all those? Then let’s move on;


==> Start your PD-Proxy VPN software on your PC, navigate to settings > Advanced Settings > proto options
==> Configure UDP Server Port to be 53.
==> Navigate to Parent Proxy, tick the Enable Parent Proxy, enter IP as, port as 80.
==> When done, click Save & Go back.
==> Navigate back to main menu, choose Demo Server 1 or Demo Server 2 to use the trial account and select UDP.
==> Enter your PD-Proxy Username and password.

Now, launch your modem interface with your modem correctly inserted into your PC via your computer’s USB Port. Under your modem internet settings, set up with the following parameters:
Name: Airtel or NGStudents
Dial number: *98#
APN: internet.ng.zain.com worked for me but you could use internet.ng.celtel.com
Username and password: internet

Save and navigate back to main menu on modem and click on connect. After successful connection, navigate back to the PDProxy VPN software and click on connect.

When connected, launch your Firefox browser, Google chrome browser and start browsing for free. Remember to set your browser network setting to ‘No Proxy‘.

Based on report from a fan, he said using Google Chrome browser with this trick is more faster than using Mozilla Firefox. More so, the cheat works faster during the night time or early hours of the day. If using PD-Proxy VPN, you are limited to 100MB data daily and you are limited to using only Demo Server 1 and Demo Server 2 servers. If you do like to get more out of this VPN software, then you would need to upgrade to a premium account. As at when posting this, they still have not approved PayPal payments but other payment option like Perfect Money and Bitcoin are accepted.

Set Up June/July 2014 Airtel Free Browsing Trick On Android

As stated earlier, we have only confirmed this Airtel free browsing trick working on android phones using Your-Freedom VPN application hence we are going to use that for the Set-Up procedure.


  • First and foremost, you need to have your-freedom software downloaded on your android. You can download from Play Store or from the official website Here.
  • When done downloading, tap on CONFIGURE:
  • Select Account Information and insert your registered freedom username and password. This should be same with which you used in creating an account from your-freedom website.
  • When done, proceed to selecting Server connection: DNS/UDP TWEAK, PORT: 53
  • Connection Mode should be NIGERIA Airtel.
  • Next, click on Wizard, and it will display the list of available servers(This is only appropriate if running the app for the first time.
  • In the course of available servers been displayed, you will see some with coins attached to it and some without. Please note that the ones without coins are for free users while the ones with coins are for premium(Upgraded) users.
  • Choose the server that suit you. If a free user, use a free server, if a premium user, you can use any server that suits you, preferably one that is faster.
  • Now tick ENABLE ENCRYPTION, ENABLE RE-KEYING, Reconnection Delay: 5000. Minimum Post Size: 10000000, Initial Post Size: 150000
  • Now navigate to PROXY SETTINGS and input staticdns.com or as proxy address and 80 as port
  • APN Setttings should be internet.ng.airtel.com, Username & Password should be internet.

When done with those, simply connect and you are good to go.

There you have it buddy, Confirmed working Airtel Free browsing cheat (trick) for the month of June/July 2014 on PC computer and android devices, feel free to share using the share buttons.



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