Blackberry Messenger (BBM) just rolled out another update which comes with some pretty cool update. Just like recent whatsapp update,  BBM has introduced the material design interface which gives a whole new look and user interface.

The update wasn’t just about the interface design, other features like private chat, ability to edit messages, status update were also introduced on the social messaging app.

Latest bbm update for android

According to a blog post by BlackBerry, We’ve redesigned BBM for Android from the ground up,  using material design principles as inspiration. This means a more colorful, more eye-popping, and easier to use bbm experience that’s brand new, yet familiar..


Private Chat On BBM

The Private Chat feature give more privacy on other. BBM pays a lot of attention to users privacy and the private chat feature is just another step ahead.

During the private chat mode, your contact’s name is hidden and new message notification are turned off. That way, screen shots won’t make much of a meaning as the contact’s name isn’t displayed. More so, chats will automatically be deleted within a short pace of time or when you end the private chat.

Edit Message

The edit message feature just like Facebook, allows you edit messages even though they have been sent. It can be likened to the retract feature on bbm except for the fact that, this seem kinda better.

Publish Status In Feeds Tab

Sharing status update with your contacts just got faster as this can be done right from the BBM feed instead of going through your profile.

Please note, this update is now available for Android OS users. This update is available for Blackberry 10 phone users as well.  Visit your phone’s app store to update the bbm app and enjoy more privacy.


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