While Smile 4G LTE network service has been known for it’s speed since inception, the company has rolled out another service known as Smile Voice.

Smile Voice is the latest service from smile communications which allows users to make calls using the smile 4G LTE internet service to people all over the world. The service is currently available to customers in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania.

smile 4g lte voice call service

The smile voice service could somehow be likened to the voice service on WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, Skype and other VoIP supported services. You can be likened to more of Skype except for the fact that when making voice calls to other numbers with Smile Voice, you use data instead of buying credit as seen on Skype.

Interestingly, not only voice calls can be made using smile voice. Video calls, conference calls as well as SMS messages iare part of the bargain.

How To Get Started With Smile Voice

If you have a Smile SIM Card, simply insert it into a VoLTE compatible smartphone and the service will be set up automatically thereby making it possible for you to enjoy all that the service has to offer.

Thankfully, not only users using a VoLTE compatible phone can benefit from this. Basic Android and iOS users are partakers of the blessings.

Android and iOS users just need to download and install the SmileVoice app on their smartphone, connect to a smile network via WiFi and get going.

Android Users can download the App Here while iOS users can download the app HERE.

Using the Smile Voice App

  • Install and launch the app
  • If you know your smile number, input that and enter your activation code. If you don’t, use your smile registered email address and request for an activation code which will be sent to you via email
  • Select your country and follow other on-screen instructions and you are on your way to making your first call using the service.

What’s the Tariff Charge Using SmileVoice?

As earlier stated, calls using the service are charged in MBs (Megabytes). Of course, the MBs will be charged from your active plan. That means, you will need an active plan in other to continue using the service because you get free 30 minutes and 30 free SMS to call or SMS anyone in Nigeria as a promo if using the service for the first time. You don’t necessarily need an active plan to use the free promo minutes and SMS. However, the free promo calls and SMS is valid for 10 days from the day of activation.

Subsequent calls are charged at 8.79kb/seconds (6MB per minute) if you activated a 10GB plan. The tariff charge is as per the data plan activated. Lesser data plan means higher tariff and higher data plan means lower tariff. Text Messages using the service are charged at 2MB per SMS.

Will you rock the new SmileVoice service over other services with VoIP support like WhatsApp calls, Skype, Facebook calls and the rest?



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