The competition in the telecommunication company is getting more interesting by the day. How? Cheaper data plans and options to choose from.

Currently, MTN is giving a whooping 200% Bonus On every recharge on the MTN Beta Talk Plan. This isn’t a first though. We’ve had glo doing that for months now.

On the basis that you get 200% Bonus of every recharge, Glo Bumpa plan has been in existence for a very long time now.

I have actually being rocking that of glo for months now and it’s really nice to see that I’ve got options. Not just options, perhaps a more considerable one.

On the MTN Beta Talk Plan, you get 200% Bonus On every recharge of N100 and above.

What this entails is, if you recharge N100, you get N200 bonus airtime summing it up to be N300.

Same applies to if you load N400, you get 200% of the N400 recharge which will be N800.

Summing up N800 plus your main account balance of N400, you have a total of N1200 which can be used in calling all networks.

MTN Beta talk plan tariff

Just like the glo Bumpa plan, you can use bonus Airtime 24/7 and you can also use it in texting alongside Pay As You Go (PAYG) browsing.

MTN Beta Talk Tariff Charge

Unlike the glo Bumpa plan which charges 50k/sec and N30 per minute, the MTN Beta tariff is 40K/sec which is equivalent to N24 per minute.

That’s apparently much better than the glo Bumpa plan.

What more?

You get free 10MB for every first recharge in a week. What that means is, if you recharge for the first time in a week, you get 10MB free data and subsequent recharges within the week won’t attract any more free 10MB data.

Please Note: The free 10MB data has a validity period of 7 days starting from the day you were given the data. Same applies to the bonus credit. Hence, you are advised to use up the bonus Airtime within 7 days (I don’t think that’s applicable to glo Bumpa package).

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk Bundle

If you’d like to opt in for this plan, dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.

With this development from MTN, we’d hope glo introduces something more affordable than the 50k/sec on Bumpa plan. As for me, I always go with what pays better and for now, you should know what’s sup *winks…


  1. how do I opt out of MTN beta talk? I have dailed *400# and sent s SMS 400 to 131 yet no response what do I do?

  2. Before you start giving thanks to them; let face it. (i used zone which had recently stock at 12k/s)

    N100 r.card zone at 12k/s = 13 minuts 53 sec of call time.

    But N100 r.card better talk (or N300 r.card) at 40k/s = 12 min 30sec of talk time.

    You can see that zone is better.
    Infact. If you calculate am well, you will find that N90 zone call = N300 BT call. So with zone i save a precious N10 just for 100 r.card.

    So which is better?

    • Udy, verify that you are on mtn beta talk plan. Every recharge gives you a bonus which you can see when you check your account balance.

  3. actually it is not paying at all to me 40k/sec is a very high charging. to me that tarrif plan is well calculate before releasing it out. as for mtn u no fit chop there awoof for free

  4. Example, afta lodin an airtime worth #100 nd given a bonus of N200 later u migratd to talk talk(best tariff plan for rural areas)…. Wats gonna hapen 2 u bonus, taken bac 4rm u or wat?

    • Hi Adebayo, Although i don’t have a confirmatory response to that question, i have very much sure that the bonus airtime will become void. Although you may still have your main account balance, your bonus will be gone.

  5. I have been trying it and it isn’t working. They arr saying the requestbis not successful. Does one need to have #100 before migration? I am on family n friends… Thanks

    • No Emmanuel. As a matter of fact, i did it when i had no credit on the sim and it worked. You should keep trying, it could be network issues.


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