Brace Up! NTEL 0804 Sims with 4G LTE connectivity is coming this month

Quite a lot seem to be happening this month in relation to the mobile market. Infinix will be launching a new phone this month, innjoo will be launching two new smartphones this month and now, NTEL re-launching 0804 with a better approach.

Remember 0804 lines? Well, they used to be number prefix operated by MTel couple of years back. While that lasted for a while during those days, i guess they couldn’t just stand the competition from other telecommunication companies.

Well, NTEL formerly known as NITEL are now coming with a big bang. They intend introducing the 0804 prefix with 4G LTE connectivity. Hence, if you use a phone without 4G LTE enabled, you may not be able to benefit from the awesome browsing speed NTEL hopes to bring to the table with the new 0804 Sims.

0804 sims from NTEL with 4G LTE connectivity
The service will be launched this month and it would first kick-off in Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos before extending reach to other cities within the country.

According to the Managing director of NTEL, Mr Kumar Abass, the assets acquired from NITEL included cellular spectrum/microwave frequencies; telecom operating licenses international submarine cables. They also acquired fibre and duct network that will enable them to offer better services to Nigerians.

An excerpt from NATCOM has it that:

NatCom last week, announced to Nigerians, it’s readiness to roll out its telecoms service under the new name, NTEL, with lots of promises to move Nigerian subscribers from the era of poor service quality to the era of uninterrupted telecoms services on its 4G network, riding on the resuscitated NITEL’s SAT-3 undersea broadband cable. Now that NITEL is set for service rollout, Nigerians are optimistic that the company will make the difference.

We are TechsNG thinks, the only way to spring up a tough competition with other networks in the country is to roll out much affordable data plans with awesome service. However, considering the fact that the plan will be launching with 4G LTE, you may want to consider buying a 4G LTE enabled smartphone the next one you go shopping for a smartphone.


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