NTEL Nigeria 4G LTE Aims To Kick Off With Free Unlimited Data For 3 Months

With the buzz going on with NTEL lately, it is safe to say that the revamping telecommunication network is the new kid in the block. Only that this new kid is offering something better to the Nigerian market (according to claims).

ntel nigeria offering unlimited data usage for 3 months for first 100000 users

Couple of days back, the company via it’s social media page, announced that it’s service has opened live in parts of Lagos and Abuja. However, the company is still being stingy with useful information. Even till date.

We recently shared the proposed NTEL 4G LTE data tariff plans and it seems really appealing. More information has it that the telecommunication company aims to kick off with free unlimited data for a period of 3 months for the first 100,000 subscribers on the NTEL network.

The Chief Executive Officer of NTEL, Mr Kumar Abass, said the operation will come with bumper offers for early bird pioneers and data users. He also added that NTEL, Nigeria’s 5th mobile network operator start of operation is the culmination of it’s journey from the old Nitel/NTEL assets.

Mr Abass furthermore disclosed that the first 100,000 subscribers to redeem and activate their NTEL SIMs will get free on-net calls for life, while data subscribers will get 3-months unlimited data usage.

While this seem too good to be true, you may want to absorb the claims with a pinch of salt. However, if this eventually comes to limelight, there is a fair usage policy of 3GB data usage daily and in my opinion, it really isn’t a bad idea.

As earlier said, till date, the company still hasn’t disclosed details of it’s office addresses even in the states it claimed to have launched live. Hence, no information yet as to how intending subscribers can get the NTEL SIMs nor how already reserved numbers can be claimed.



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