It’s been really a long time since i indulged in Mid Night calls. Even though, most times, i tend to sleep late. Precisely from 2 or 3AM (It’s more like everyday routine). If you have took time to notice the time on the screenshot on some of my tutorials, you would have realized most of them were during during late hours.

Point is, yesterday, i got a flash from a friend during late hours (precisely somewhere around 1AM) and i decided to call back. Not sure if it was going to be a free call or am going to be charged from my airtime, i decided to use it as a test.

MTN Beta talk Night calls
I am currently on the MTN Beta Talk plan. The MTN Beta Talk plan gives you 200% of every recharge. For example, if you recharge N400, you will be given a bonus airtime of N800 which can be used in calling all network anytime of the day. It can be likened to the GLO Bumpa plan except for the fact that mtn charges 40k/sec while glo charges 50kobo per seconds.

When on the MTN Beta Talk plan, airtime cannot be transferred and for that fact, i guess some people are skeptical on the fact that, Night call could be free. Well, i have been able to confirm it and in all honesty, you can make free night calls on the MTN Beta talk plan. However, please note that it is required of you to have a minimum of N100 on the sim before Night calls can be free otherwise, you will be charged for calls during night time.

Hope this comes in handy for those who are inquisitive on knowing if free Night calls can be done on the MTN Beta Talk plan. For questions and comments, please use the comment form.



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