Opera’s Free VPN Service Now Available For iPhone and iPad Devices

When it comes to surfing on mobile via third party apps, opera is no doubt, on the top 5 list.

opera vpn for iPhone and iPad

The company recently launched a free VPN service on it’s desktop platform which is one of Opera’s best news so far this year being 2016.

Not only that, the company also embedded an improved AD blocking system on it’s mobile platform (it’s also available on the desktop version). Although that didn’t come as good news to most publishers who rely on making money on their website(s), it has come to stay and it’s definitely a plus to common users.

When Opera’s free VPN service was first launched on the desktop version of the software, one of the questions we received was whether or not the service will be available on the mobile platform.

Thanks to the developers, opera has rolled out the free VPN service for iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices which should help a great deal in bypassing blocked websites.

Just as the VPN service is currently only available in the opera developers version for desktop, iPhone and iPad users would have to download a separate app known as Opera VPN from iTunes. Not to worry, the app is developed by Opera and not by another third party company.

Whether or  not if Opera’s free VPN service will also be available on android platform is something we cannot ascertain at the moment. However, we’d have high hopes on that.



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