1. Good day Sammy,
    Why is that I can’t receive money through my PayPal account even after linking it to my Naira account? Note I have verified it though I have not used it to buy online.
    I can’t even get the refund for an item I bought from Aliexpress after they agreed to refund me bcos PayPal would not allow them to go through.

    • Jose, currently, you can only make and send money using PayPal. Nigerians still can’t receive funds using the service and that’s why i mentioned that the service is only available to Nigerians partially. However, if you made payment using your paypal account and the merchant decides to refund you, YES, the money will be reverted to your credit card with the paypal description. Capish?

  2. Did this using my UBA mastercard and got a text message saying “The amount displayed for card txn at PAYPAL *** is subject to additional fees because you selected pmt in Naira”. Basically they ended up charging me a higher rate than the PayPal rate even though the payment was in Naira. I dont get it at all


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