Hello, not to worry, you actually read that right and yes, you can play a few games lately on the Facebook messenger application on both android and IOS platforms.

play basketball game on facebook messenger


Sometime back, while researching, I stumbled on a post which mentioned that you can actually play chess game on the Facebook messenger app. I was skeptical and was too busy to try so i had to let it pass.

Couple of hours back, I stumbled on another which said you can now play basketball game on Facebook messenger app and I decided go give it a short. Lo and behold, it worked it fine and as usual, I’d like to share the information with you.

How To Play Basketball Game On Facebook Messenger

  • While on the Messenger ap, Open the emoji window,
  • Tap on the basketball emoji, and send it to a friend.
  • Then tap on the ball in your message and the basketball game will show up.

You have to swipe the screen in other to get the ball into the hoop. It’s quite interesting if you ask me.

Please note: You have to update the messenger app to its latest version. As seen on the screenshot above, I used an iPhone but yes, it works very well on android. Just be sure you are using the latest version of the app.


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