Hello Friends, knowing fully well that TechsNG is a Tech, News, reviews and tutorials blog, most comments we receive on a daily basis are basically questions. In most cases, we tend to ignore some of these questions if they have been answered too many times via a reply.

In other to serve our esteemed readers better and to deliver answers to ‘almost’ every of your questions, we are launching a QnA (Questions and Answers) segment.

What this entails is, we will pick out the most frequently asked questions and put up a post which will specifically give answer to the question. This way, we believe more readers will get answers to their questions rather than having to read through long roles of comments on a particular post.

Starting first, we have constantly been getting questions in regards flash share. For those who may not know, flash share is an application which allows you share files from one device to another device in a flash without the use of Bluetooth. Using flash share, you can send a 3GB file within 2 minutes. This can be likened to the xender app.

Using flash share on blackberry phones

Most of the questions we receive in regards this app has to do with flash share working on their blackberry devices. Not BB10 devices but lower bb phones. By lower bb phones, we are making reference to curve 2, bold 2, bold 5, bold 6 and the rest.

The most recent received few minutes back reads thus:

QuestionHi samuel can I be able to use flash share or xender in my blackberry 9800? Please help o

Answer: No. Flash share cannot be used on lower BB phones. Neither bold 2, nor bold 5, nor bold 6 and the rest can even download the app talk more of running the app.

The flash share app, although available on iOS, cannot be used on lower BB phones.

How about Blackberry 10 phones?

For the fact that BB10 devices from Q5 upwards can run ‘some’ android apps, flash share can be downloaded on these devices but cannot be used as a result of screen display difference. However, Xender can conveniently be used on BB10 phones and can also be used in sending and receiving from other devices using flash share.

Hence, in my honest opinion, download Xender on your BB10 phone instead of flash share. After all, with Xender, you can send and receive files from other users using either Xender app or flash share app.

Hope this answers your questions?


  1. Please Boss, I bought tech 8H and since i have not been able to browse with it using mtn BIS simpleserver. I have followed the settings correct, even though i use it to browse wit my Samsung S3. Help me out pls. Cos am a heavy downloader and the Glo Bis wont b enuf for me. Tanx.

  2. Wow thanks for this i would tell my brother. About this. He uses a blackberry Q10 while me i use a blackberry bold 5 so the Flash share nor the xender App wont work on my own phone. Thank you once again.

  3. Hii friend…I am using BlackBerry Z3 I updated the latest software thrice….all the three times it is getting interrupted at 99%….what I hav to do???

  4. Xender is an extended version of FlashShare although, flashshare came before Xender and got popular, people do mistake the both.
    Xender is much better than FlashShare, moreso, Xender APK should work perfectly on BB10 phones, despite I haven’t even tested but I am sure of it because the BB10 OS runs on Android OS. If anybody asks me anytime anyday, I will go for Xender.

    • Yes Edi. Xender works well on BB10 phone. We have been able to confirm that but flash share cannot work on bb10 phone although it can be installed and even launched. Thanks for the contribution Edi.

  5. Thanks for the info sir..But my uncle tried using flashare on his bb10 phone once but it kept on taking us to the homepage..What should we do

    • Faithful, like i stated on the post, flash share can’t really be used on bb10 phones as a result of the screen display. However, xender works.


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