Facebook has rolled out a new Ads Manager interface for advertisers on the platform.

Few hours back, I decided to play around the interface to see what’s new even though i don’t use the Facebook ads manager frequently. Coincidentally, I realized there was a new interface. It was totally designed making it look beautiful and sleek.

While the new interface was really nice, it was sorta difficult for me to go through the environment and find what I really wanted in a simple way.

You can simply say I am more used to the old interface than the new one.

facebook ads manager new look
While most people would prefer the new interface to the old one, I’d believe some persons including myself still prefers the old UI.

If you happen to be one of these persons, I’d love to give you a quick tip on how to revert back to the old Facebook ads manager interface

Changing From The New Facebook ADS Manager Interface To The Old UI

By now, I am very sure you know your way about navigating into Facebook ads manager. If you didn’t, just log into your Facebook account using a computer and at the left side of the page, click on Ads Manager.

Alternatively, simply navigate to Facebook/business/ads on your preferred browser.

Step #1. On the new ads interface, Click on the Account Settings option situated among the menus options.

Step #2. On the account settings page, you will be required to enter your password. Don’t complain, just enter your password lol.

Step #3. When logged in, you should see the option to Use Old Version as seen in the image below:

revert to old facebook ads design
Step #4. Click on Use Old Version and a dialog should pop up, just click on Use Old Version.

Step #5. Wait till you get the notification that reads thus: Thanks, we’ll use your feedback to improve our ad products. Click on OK.

At this point, the page should reload automatically and the old interface will be displayed to you.

Old facebook ads manager user interface

Can I Revert Back To The New Interface Later?

Yes, you can. Just follow same process and this time, click Use New Version and you are good to go.


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