Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Watch The Official Introduction Video

Its no longer news that Samsung Mobile has released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which obviously happens to be an awesome phabet. Oh well, i am not really so surprised with what this device offers in terms of features and specifications because Samsung Mobile seems to always be on top of the game when it comes to building what we could describe as ‘Smart Phones‘ or ‘Smart Devices‘.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Official introduction video clearly points outs the specifications and features of the phone. It’s a brief video of about 3 mins and within this 3 minutes, it also included some of the functionality the phone could do. I actually use a lower version of the samsung galaxy note. That phone sure works for me but with the release of this Galaxy Note 4, i am already in love with this device. Without talking much on this, we will just post the video here for you to watch and see what the awesome phabet entails and in subsequent posts, we will be writing exclusively on the features, specifications and the price in Nigeria.

Samsung Galaxy note 4

You can Watch The Note 4 Official Introductory Video Below:

If you have truly gone through the video, you would agree with me that indeed, the Note 4 has got a sleek design alongside amazing camera picture quality like the 16MP back camera, ability to simply divide the screen amongst others. Please share this post using the share buttons to inform others and whats your view on this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 according to the official introductory video?


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