SanDisk Soon To Release 200GB microSD Card

It’s interesting how much stuffs can be done by simply using a mobile phone. With the 200GB microSD card introduced by SanDisk, it just gets better.

You way want to read the title again. I didn’t state 20GB, I actually stated a whooping 200GB SD-card.

No longer do you necessarily need to have a computer in other to store large files over 100GB as a 200GB memory card will soon be out on sale to which you can store all of your files.  C’mon, what would you even be doing with 200GB file when you are not storing your whole life history lol.

In a press release statement by SanDisk, through the SanDisk’s updated Memory zone app, users will have even greater control over their mobile device’s memory storage. In the memory zone app, users can engage the Optimem app feature which monitors the phone’s memory levels to inform users whenever the internal memory falls below a user-defined threshold. The app available for free download from Google play store, is compatible with most android powered devices and allows users to easily locate, organize, transfer and back up data.

SanDisk 200GB Micro SD Card

The premium edition of the microSD card offers you the world’s highest capacity and amazingly fast transfer speed for up to 90MB/s which is intended to provide maximum performance. Considering the transfer speed, users can expect to move up to 1200 photos per minute and considering the 200GB size, you would agree this little looking thing, has more capacity than some computer.

Price Of 200GB MicroSD card from SanDisk

Yes,  I know this is the most interesting part.  You sure want to know how much this costs right? Well,  considering the official price as at now, it’s even more expansive than a computer.

According to SanDisk, the 200GB microSD-Card costs $399.99 which is equivalent to about N80000 in Nigerian currency. N80000 for just an SD-card? Although I wouldn’t say it’s totally just an SD-card,  but I trust most Nigerians will have to overlook it till the price goes down drastically. The 200GB SanDisk ultra microSDXC UHS-1-I card, Features a 10 year warranty and should be available on sales worldwide in the next few months from now.


  1. What nonsense! Let us ask one another if this little thing is worth it.
    It would have been better if it were flash drive. People will use it in replacement of bulkier external hard disk.


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