Say hello to Innjoo Flex tablet with dual operating systems

For sometime now, it has always been speculated that the only way you can actually have two operating systems run on one device is probably by flashing-in the OS at different times. More like flashing in one and when you need to switch, flash in the other.

Well, Innjoo Flex tablet seems to prove otherwise as it runs dual (two) operating system under the hood; windows 10 and android. It’s not yet clear how the tablet runs on both operating system since we are yet to see any official review of the tablet device.

Innjoo Flex tablet deviceInnjoo isn’t particularly known for producing just smartphones and tablets. During the course of it’s last event (more than one), they unveiled a 39-inch smart TV. They also produce power-banks and I guess they also produce smartwatches and a host of other gadgets we probably have no idea of.

The innjoo Flex tablet can be doubled as a tablet device and a PC with it’s keyboard accessory and it’s 10.1-inch Large screen display.

Innjoo flex tablet as a computer
The device is powered by a Quad Core processor with a RAM size of 2GB and 32 GB internal storage. The device also sports a 2 megapixels back camera and 2 megapixels front facing camera with a whooping 7000mAh battery capacity.

Yes, A Sim card can be used on the tablet with 3G connectivity (no 4GB) and smart OTG (On The Go) is being put in place.

The Innjoo flex tablet is available on Jumia and it’s being sold at N40,650 (forty thousand, six hundred and fifty Naira).


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