Hello there, its great having you here again and we didn’t come empty head, we came with the information that MTN BIS plan currently works on PC using PDProxy VPN.

If you ask me, i would say this is obviously a great way to start the month of July 2014 has cheap browsing seem to evolve for both android and PC users. If you are an android User and would like to know how to use MTN BIS on your android device, check out this post.

use mtn bis plan on pc with pdproxy

How Do I Use MTN BIS Plan ON PC?

As stated in the title of this post, we are specifically going to be talking on how to use MTN blackberry Internet Subscription plan on  PC computer using PDProxy.


If you actually used the last month’s (june 2014) airtel free browsing cheat on PC, then you should already have PDProxy software up and running on your PC Computer. If you haven’t downloaded it before, you can download from their official website here.

If its your first time downloading the software, then i presume you haven’t registered before. If that is true, please register for an account at http://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm.

Having downloaded the required software, Unzip and launch and if prompt to install tap drivers, please do so.

==> When done, Navigate to settings on PDProxy, tools, advanced settings and click on Parent Proxy and set up using the following settings:
==> First of all, tick on enable parent proxy, inside the proxy, enter and set port to 8080
==> Now, click on Headers and inside the box, enter the following parameters:
==> Host as web.blackberry.com, x-host as web.blackberry.com
==> Save the settings and move back to your modem settings.

Under Modem network settings, use the following parameters:

APN should be web.gprs.mtnnigerial.net
Username and password should be left empty
Save and connect.

Go back to your PDProxy and connect and you should be good to go.

Please Note that PDProxy trial accounts are limited to 100MB daily date. I would advise you use the mtn daily bis package in testing out this trick and the daily plan gives 3GB of data which is same as the monthly.

Can I Use MTN BIS On PC With Other VPN Softwares?

Currently, a couple of VPN software other than PDProxy works with MTN BIS. In subsequent posts, we will be showing you how you can configure mtn bis to work on other vpn software like tunnelguru and others,



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