The world is evolving every day. As technology continues to advance, the way in which users interact with social media becomes totally different. Today, let’s run through how the demands of these individuals have changed in recent years. Precisely over time.

how social media users demand has changed over time

Connection through social media

With the globe becoming increasingly digital, it’s perhaps no great shock so many people are turning to social media as their primary means of communication. Ding provide a clear example of this transition, highlighting that:

connecting through social media

  • 12% of people stay in touch solely through WhatsApp
  • 36% of people stay in contact through SMS (texts)
  • Just 39% of people now call their loved ones to stay in touch

Owing to the ease and convenience of replying to a message whenever it suits you, texting and messaging services have quickly become the preferred method of choice for social media users. WhatsApp over the years, have also introduced quite a handful of features to make the experience better. The most recent being WhatsApp status update – this makes you easy to keep up with what your friends and loved ones are up to. 

This also applies to facebook, instagram and snapchat. Facebook has Facebook stories, snapchat has it’s stories and Instagram with Instagram stories. Research last year, showed that over 250 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis. That’s a lot!

Local and personal experiences will rise

There’s also been a move away from more wide scale social media campaigns, with recent results showing brands are experiencing something of a fatigue when it comes to consumer response. With the same study finding there are more than 50 million small businesses currently reaching out on social platforms, users are crying out for more local, personal experiences.

This has resulted in campaigns which have been targeted at smaller communities, rather than mass, generic advertisements which have no direct intended audience.


The gaming world has changed drastically in recent times, owing largely to the prominence of apps which were created with the intent of being used by people on social media platforms. These appeal to everyone, regardless of demographic.

gaming on social media

Mashable provide a list of 10 of the most popular available right now, with some of the top entries including familiar names like Farmville and Mafia Wars. There are likely to be even more advancements of this nature heading forward.

Even Facebook messenger has somehow, been able to incorporate gaming on it’s platform. There are a few games you can play on the messenger app including basketball.

Live streaming

You’ve probably seen people taking to live stream (either Facebook Live, Periscope or another form) to give followers and friends a brief glimpse into their world.

Live stream on social media profiles

This trend is only set to increase, with social media platforms now doing their best to accommodate this. Expect to see more people popping up on your homepage in the near future.

There will almost certainly be more changes to social media platforms as time goes on, with the demands of users changing on practically a daily basis. What will come next? Only time will tell.


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