MTN seems to be doing something new lately. However, it’s not quite clear if this is just a promo offer or it is here to stay.

Please note that this is not a trick, tweak, cheat or anything related. If that’s what u thought this was, sorry to disappoint you. Its 100% legitimate.

MTN Free airtime of N4800
Personally, considering the amount given and the amount required, I am pretty sure this is just a promo. However, I do not have a definite answer as to how long it will last or how many times a user can subscribe.


In other to get the N4800 worth of free airtime from MTN, it requires just N10 or N30. The stipulated amount should be present on your main balance.

How To Get The Free N4800 From MTN

Since it requires either N10 or N30, two steps are involved but they are just options.

==> If you like to use that of N10, dial *567*1# and the required amount will deducted from your account. The free airtime given is valid till 11:59PM same day.

==> If you’d like to use that of N30, dial *567*3# and a required charge of N30 will be deducted from your main account.

Please note that this offer is only available to MTN TruTalk subscribers and I don’t think it is open to all tru talk subscribers. I think it’s just available to eligible sims but no harm in trying anyway. Trying to use other plans will give you error stating you are not eligible.


  1. wat I’m trying to say is dat wat of if I have more than #30 in my account and I dial the code are they going to deduct all of my money or they will deduct only the #30 and leave the remaining balance there for me?


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