Tecno Mobile, lately, hasn’t just been manufacturing new phones. They’ve been investing in the music field. From producing a new line of smartphone series targeted for music lovers to hosting a TV show, tecno is no doubt, aiming for the stars.

The Tecno Boom Series, as most people already figured out, is a music smartphone. And the brand already has it’s own music app known as BOOM player.

tecno boom player

The app isn’t just available on the Tecno Boom line of smartphones, it debuts on most recent tecno smartphones. I was opportune to experience the boom player thoroughly on the Tecno Camon C9 and am wondering why isn’t the app much publicized.

Just like the Apple Music on iOS, the BOOM Player gives you the opportunity to download music files from your favorite Nigerian / African artists. Not only can you download specific music files, you can download an artist’s full album on the Boom player.

Just like the Apple Music, you often at times, need money to download most music files. Although coins (that’s what it’s called on the app) is needed in downloading music files on the boom player, you can equally download for free by simply playing the daily draw which should earn you some coins. Alternatively, you can participate on other measures to earn you some coins on the platform. These coins are usable basically for downloading music files, albums or synchronizing albums for offline plays.

On the Tecno boom player, you can also scream music files and music videos without exactly downloading them. Simply put, tecno boom player just makes screaming and downloading your favorite Nigerian music much easier.

Of course, the Tecno Boom Player isn’t the best music player. It’s not even close. But for an app that centers around African / Nigerian music, it’s worth being praised.

Download Boom Player for Android HERE.



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