Have you ever wondered what are the top selling smartphones in Nigeria? One of Nigeria’s online retail shop, kaymu, revealed a report of the top 10 most sold phones for the 1st half of 2015.

By 1st half, we are making reference to the top 10 smartphones sold between January 2015 to June 2015. The report was revealed in an infographic form which we would share with you below.

Most sold phones in Nigeria for 2015


According to the above report, The infinix hot x507 smartphone which was launched late last year, happens to be the number one sold phone within the first six months of 2015. This is followed by another infinix smartphone which is the infinix hot note x551 which was first announced in February and launched sometime in march 2015. The smartphone was a hit to the extent infinix had to produce other variants like the hot note pro which is an advanced version of the hot note and the newly released 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM version of same device. The selling point of the smartphone is basically it’s battery capacity and its ability to charge other phones.

The 3rd most sold smartphone is Blackberry’s own Q10 phone which is amongst the first set of bb10 devices. The smartphone was announced around January 2013 and was launched April 2013. For a 2013 smartphone, it’s really cool to see the device still holding grounds in the mobile market in Nigeria.

Fourth is the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. This device was announced in march 2013 and was made available in April of same 2013. The device was quite popular in 2014 to the extent i was trickily given a cloned version of the Galaxy S4 instead of an original.

Fifth is the infinix Zero X506. The infinix zero was launched somewhere in the early months of 2014. Although the device appeared in Google’s most searched keywords for 2014, its interesting to know that the device still rocks in 2015.

Sixth is the Samsung Galaxy S5. This device was announced in February 2014 and was released in April of same 2014. The device no doubt made a lot of rounds in 2014 and it’s really cool to see that its still making rounds in 2015.

Seventh is the Tecno R7. This device was released in April 2014 and I recall it certainly made a lot of noise in the time and apparently, most Nigerians are still going for the phone.

Eighth is the Tecno Phantom Z which is also known as the A7. The device was launched in 2014 and its really nice to see that it’s still in vogue in 2015. The device really sold till the extent Tecno launched a mini version of the device in January 2-15 which according to it’s specs, wasn’t quite a mini.

Ninth is the blackberry Z10 which happens to be in the first set of Blackberry 10 phones. One thing spectacular with the blackberry 10 phones is the ability to use glo bis plan on it and also share it to other devices which currently, is the cheapest way of browsing in Nigeria.

Tenth is the Innjoo One smartphone. Although Innjoo had released other devices like the Innjoo note in 2014, it didn’t make the rounds compared to the Innjoo one which was released in February 2015.

Although these brands have released devices off-late which are currently making waves, please note that the list above is basically that for January 2015 to June 2015 and it was compiled by Kaymu.com. Other online retail shops in Nigeria may have a different report to give but since none other than Kaymu has reveiled such lists, it’s only worthy that we stick with this.


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