For most people, cleaning the house clean is nothing but a chore. That is why we’re always happy to find a way to make the chore a little easier, especially if we get to use a cool new gadget. In 2017, there are hundreds of devices designed to keep your home clean. Today you’ll see 5 of the most practical ones. Find them, as well as all kinds of other high quality home appliances, on Jiji:

5 Gadgets For A Clean Home

1. Intelligent waste system

The world is taking huge steps towards smart waste management and recycling. And this device takes this process on a whole new level.

Intelligent waste system gadget for a clean home

With several separate sections for various kinds of waste, removable inner lining, and breathable construction, recycling will never be a problem again in your home. Plus, despite all of its genius features, this device won’t take up more of your valuable kitchen space than a regular bin.

2. iRobot

Cleaning robots have become all the rage in the cleaning industry several years ago, and they haven’t lost a bit of their popularity ever since.

iRobot home budget

Roomba is perhaps the best known brand of cleaning robots. Roomba devices come in a wide variety of prices and functionality, so you can get anything from an affordable $300-device with minimum functions to a high-end cleaning gadget that can cost all the way up to $900.

3. Pet deep cleaner

Anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows that spots left by pets are incredibly hard to clean. Plus, even when they’re no longer visually noticeable, there is still an unpleasant odor.

Pet deep cleaner

This device is designed to deal with this problem in the most elegant way possible. Instead of scrubbing the carpet for hours, trying to get rid of the spot, let this device do its job: it’s fast, it’s efficient, and it can save you the effort.

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4. Fur ball vacuum cleaner

It may be hard to believe, but this fluffy and adorable fur ball, which comes in vibrant and fun shades, is actually a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Fur ball vacuum cleaner

To make it work, you simply need to put it on the floor and press start. This fur ball vacuum cleaner has a 15-minute automatic timer, and 15 minutes is how long it takes to clean a typical room with wooden, ceramic, or vinyl floors. Just don’t forget to clean its fur when you’re done!

5. Sanitizing wand

There are plenty of spaces around the house that are as notoriously hard to clean as they are notoriously prone to accumulating germs, bacteria, and other allergens.

Sanitizing wand

With a sanitizing wand cleaning the most challenging parts of the house like kitchen counter, toilet, sink, bath, computer keyboard, pet bed, and other areas will be simply a breeze!


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