Twitter Lite Officially Launched For Low Data Consumption And Space

If level of data consumption has been the reason why you do not visit twitter often, the company understands and have therefore, released a new version referred to as twitter Lite.

Twitter lite officially launched

Twitter Lite as the name implies, is a lite version of the official twitter application. By being Lite, it can be termed as a super lightweight version. Hence, users can access the service without sacrificing too much data.

Twitter Lite Will Help You Save Data and Space

Not only data has been rectified, space has also been checked. The new twitter Lite is a JavaScript application with a footprint of less than 1MB. The new mobile web experience is also said to be 30% faster than anything else.

Now, knowing it’s a Lite version, you’d possibly be thinking you are only being offered half baked service right? No. You can still check your timeline and notifications, send and receive direct messages, check trends, upload media and even push notifications from the Lite version.

Despite being a Lite version, the app still has a data saver toggle switch. Turning this on, users are able to further save data usage by up to 70%. During data saver mode, only a small preview of images or video are being displayed. You would need to tap on the image or video to get the full experience.

data saver on twitter lite

Currently, the push notifications is only reserved for Android. At least, for now. However, we’d hope it’d be available on other platforms over time.

So far, the new twitter Lite service seem as a good deal. Users on slow internet connection can still access and get the twitter experience via the Lite version.

Additionally, the new service is in the process of being rolled out to everyone. If you’d rather want to give it a shot ASAP, head over to using your mobile phone browser.



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