Few days back, we wrote a quite detailed hands-on review of the android 5.1 lollipop OS on infinix hot note X551.

That went viral as the brand had to share the post on her Facebook and Twitter pages. Ever since then, I have constantly been getting comments and mails in regards how to upgrade from android 4.4 kikat to android 5.1 lollipop on infinix hot note x551.

infinix hot note x551 running lollipop OS

To be candid, the process is quite simple and easy. The basic thing is getting an idea on how the whole process works.

Off-late, we have been doing a lot of experiment with out unit. At a point, the device got bricked. Not just bricked, hard bricked.

Luckily, we were able to fix it and we shared the tutorial on how to. Judging by the comments, the tutorial has helped a lot of people so here’s more.

Upgrading Infinix Hot Note x551 From Android KitKat To 5.1 Lollipop

Here, we’d like to share tutorial on how to upgrade your infinix hot note x551 to lollipop OS. Please note that we are strictly based on the hot note device here (not Hot Note Pro).

However, hot note pro users can follow same procedure but do not use same ROM file(It will brick the phone).

You will have to download the particular ROM for your device. We have also been able to upgrade infinix Zero 2 x509 from Android KitKat to 5.1 lollipop and we will be sharing a tutorial on that very soon.


  • A computer running windows OS. In our case, we have used windows 7 and windows 10.
  • A good USB cable. Preferably the same USB cord that comes with the phone.
  • Infinix Hot Note X551 Lollipop ROM file. Download Here. Extract to a folder on your computer after downloading.
  • VCOM Drivers Installed on your computer. You can read here for the files and how to install.
  • SP Flashtool downloaded. Please see this post for a detailed illustration on how to go about that.

If you have got all of those things in place, then let’s get started.

Steps To Upgrade Infinix HOT OS To Android Lollipop

Step #1. Make sure your infinix hot note x551 is fully functional and you have successfully installed the VCOM drivers on your computer. If you have got files on the phone, i would advise you make a backup first because following this tutorial will wipe all content on the phone except the pre-installed apps.

Step #2. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the SP Flash Tool into, right click on the Flash_tool.exe file and choose to run as administrator.

Step #3. When the program completely loads up, click on scatter-loading and navigate into the folder where you had extracted the infinix hot note x551 lollipop ROM files into. Choose the scatter file(MT6592_Android_scatter.txt) and wait till it completely loads up on the SP flash tool program.

Step #4. Look properly under the scatter-loading file, you’d see a download Only option. Change it to Firmware Upgrade as indicated in the screenshot below.

upgrading infinix hot note to lollipop

Step #5. Now, click on Download. Make sure your infinix hot note is turned on. Now plug in into the USB port of the computer.

Step #6. Yes. Nothing happens right? Now, while the phone is still plugged into the computer, turn the phone off (not restart) then wait till you find some readings on the SP flash tool program.

Step #7. Leave it to completely finish the readings. Do not try to stop or interrupt the process otherwise the phone will get bricked.

Step #8. When the process is complete and you get the complete notification with a check mark, remove the phone from the computer and turn it on.

On first reboot, it will take a while. Don’t panic. Your device is safe. When it fully boots up, follow the on-screen instruction in setting the device and there you have it. Android 5.1 lollipop OS on your infinix Hot Note X551. Pretty easy, right?

Questions and comments in regards to installing android 5.1 lollipop update on the hot note device are welcome using the comment session and we will try answering almost every questions asked.


  1. Hey! I follow your instructions but that part on i turn off my phone and wait till the readings show, its not showing at all. what should i do?

  2. Hi Sam! I think I want to downgrade my inifinix x509 to KitKat. Please, I need your advice in regards to this and the procedure to follow.

    Many thanks.

  3. hi bro. i upgrade my fone to lolipop 5.1 its become imei null problem i use mtk engineering mode to set imei but still no network plz help thanks

  4. Pls sir my laptop didn’t detect my infinix note after trying divers USB cord not to talk of updating it to Android 5.1 lollipop pls help

  5. hi Sam i really need your help i followed your steps in updating to lolipop and all went well but i mistakenly had downloaded the x551 ROM instead of the x509 which is the phone that i have the infinix zero 2 x509 and now my phone wont boot what should i do

  6. @Samuel, Please help, I would like to upgrade my infinix hotnote x551 whose processor is MT6592. Can I use a window 7 laptop which has the MT6577 VCOM Drivers installed on it….???

  7. Samuel
    Pls are u talking of ma system driver on fone driver?
    Hv gotten all d file since two weeks ago but dis full fone was still charging nd I Hv try like 10 USB cord but still d same

    Help me out Pls


  8. Samuel

    pls have been trying to unroot my phone before i upgrade it, and i have done several process , so now how can i know its been unroot, and also ma infinix hote note is not connecting with my system its just charging ….

    pls wat elsse can i do pls

    [email protected]
    pls add me on whatapp i beg +2348167930262

    • Holumix, you can check if your phone has been unrooted using root checking apps. In regards your PC not communicating properly with your phone, can you verify that the required drivers have been properly installed?

  9. I have an annoying problem with my infinix hot not x551 ….I have factory reset the phone several time buh the problem is still being r ..this is the problem ..the phone works within at time frame in such sense that during like for twelve hours it works normally but after that twelve hours the phone freezes and restarts and the phone continues that freezing n restart situation for as far as I’ve not intended to put it off for good. then after a long time it gets back to the normal side. ive actually done everything possible in my knowledge to resolve this problem buh I hope u can give me the clue I’m missing in this case .

  10. Hello…Can someone please help me with this.I have finally Flashed my Phone and it has TICKED the Correct sign.I tried putting on my Phone and the only thing i sees her is the XUI and nothing is showing up for more than an hour now….what should i do again.Thank You

  11. ==> Now, click on Download. Make sure your infinix hot note is turned on. Now plug in into the USB port of the computer.

    ==> Yes. Nothing happens right? Now, while the phone is still plugged into the computer, turn the phone off (not restart) then wait till you find some readings on the SP flash tool program.

    ==> Leave it to completely finish the readings. Do not try to stop or interrupt the process otherwise the phone will get bricked.

    Samuel, like Haruna, this is where i stopped. After clicking download, nothing happens. I off the phone but there was no readings on the SP flash tool program. I have waited and waited but nothing happens. Please advice.

  12. Help… My inifinix x551 has bricked.. it not flashing and if I remove the cable from the phone this is what I got brom error:s_brom_cmd_startcmd_failed (2005)
    [Brom] can not pass bootroom start command! Possibly target power up too early

  13. i have loads of questions
    1. How long does it take after the download button??
    2. When i plug in the phone and click download, all it does is charge my phone when i put it off and connect it
    3.I never see the green check mark
    pls help asap

    • Ernest,

      1. A few seconds
      2. The drivers are not properly installed. Please re-install and restart your PC before commencing with other steps.
      3. You will only see the green check when flashing is complete.

  14. many thanks for the correct information here/
    I eventually upgraded my hot note 16 + 1 today to the latest version (18/12/2015)
    It was a pretty straight forward process though I had a bit of issues installing the USB drivers for windows 8.1 but that was sorted out.
    Thanks sammy, you rock!!!!

  15. After successfully downgrading my Hot Note x551 1GB/16GB, it seems to be working but it’s not displaying anything on the screen

  16. Pls i have a problem with my infinix zero. it powered off suddenly and wont come up or even charge. I tried restoring to factory settings and it finally came up now both sims cannot be detected. Could you assist me on this please?

  17. My phone wont boot when i perform the upgrade…..tried various rom…..always stuck on booting screen but when i use kitkat run it goes smoothly am i to wait for over an hour or did i do something wrong……just booting is da probz

  18. Hey Samuel, I use Zero 2 and followed everything you said line by line up until I got a checked mark saying download OK. I now removed my phone from the system to boot and its not coming on. Dint do anything wrong..100% sure. please help

      • Oh I installed the wrong ROM. I’ve downloaded the right ROM and did everything afresh while my phone was hard bricked and it came up. Wow!!! Thanks Samuel…Others should learn from my mistake.

  19. oga Sam i have changed my imel number with mtk engineering without rooting my phone, hope the upgrading process will not crash my phone

  20. Hello Sam,
    Kudos for the good work you are doing.
    Mine is a X509 Zero 2, but I don’t seem to find your directives on doing the upgrade…just for X551.
    Need your help, thanks.

  21. Thanks am done, I have upgraded it. But I think d camera is a little bit dull but it’s cool . I pray update comes to fix that.thanks

  22. hi please boss am trying to upgrade my x509 zero2 to lolipop,i downloaded d rom files and also have copied in to my sd card, then when i ry to upgrade i get this error:PARTITION TABLE NOT MATCH INSTALLATION ABORTED. so what shud i do? but am thinking do i have to format my sd first..? please advice. and this is the name of d file..X509-J5808-L-20150819_ota its 899MB FROM THAT MEGA something..

  23. Dears,

    Really this confuse most of us regarding upgrading to lollipop manually!!
    Is there anyway to upgrade OTA?

    I bought my Hot Note Pro 16+2 from Souq.com (Saudia Arabia) & now it’s pricked after 1 week after trying to upgrade manually, no power no charge, Don’t know what to do!.

    Is there any support team or agent here in Jordan?


  24. Finally downloaded the ROM and other necessary files.

    Tomorrow, I will upgrade my infinix hot x507. Guys, please wish me well because I stand the risk of getting my phone bricked.

    • Jonathan, lolz… Why are you making it seem as if it’s such a big deal? If you are very skeptical, be sure to make a back up of your device before flashing in the ROM and try not to interrupt the process in anyway.

  25. Chae!!!!! This is a very serious wahala.

    I started the download at about 2pm and it finished a few minutes to 6pm.
    The network wasn’t good enough. The downloads restarted and paused several times.

    The most painful thing is: after the download was completed, I realised the download also completed at 3.39pm yesterday.

    WTF!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  26. please i need urgent assistance after going through the process sucessfully my phone is not coming up i tried turning it on buh nothing is happening!! please does that mean my phone is bricked????