WhatsApp over the years, has to a reasonable point, been able to out-pass it’s competitor. Who still talks about telegram and Google Allo?

A lot of improvement have been brought to the messaging app. The most recent would be the ability to scream received videos while downloading. Of course, not forgetting that WhatsApp now has video calls on board.

Another update seem to be in the pipeline. And according to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon be introducing edit and unsend features. The video below was shared on twitter by WaBetaInfo.


This should essentially come in handy if you make a mistake by sending the wrong message to the wrong recipient.

This shouldn’t be new though. BBM still has the feature on board. However, BBM terms it as retract. Gmail also has the unsend feature on board and that’s been in existence for over a year now.

How WhatsApp Unsend Feature Works?

I am guessing WhatsApp’s Unsend feature will work in same format as BBM retract. The image shared by WaBetaInfo sorta proves that. However, WhatsApp terms the unsend feature as Revoke.

Simply tapping and holding a message displays options including the revoke option. When a message is revoked, the message is not only removed from the sender’s screen, but from also that of the recipient.

WhatsApp update to bring about Edit and Unsend features

It’s not yet clear as to when this feature will be officially made available. However, it’d be available on iOS first and I can’t wait to give it a shot.


  1. I still prefer telegram to whatsapp especially group chat.

    But if whatsapp can bring that video call, I may take my ‘ex’ back.

    • If WhatsApp can bring video calls? Where have you been? Video calls has been on WhatsApp for how long now? You see why you should be visiting here often? Oga Jonathan.


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