WinX MediaTrans typically aids you in transferring files between your iPhone, iPad and your computer without losing previous data.

The debate between Android and iOS, which OS is better, is still waxing strong. I wouldn’t want to drop my personal opinion on the subject matter, at least, not yet.

However, you most definitely will enjoy using an iPhone if you have a computer. A Mac preferably. If you happen to own a windows PC, you still pretty much can enjoy using an iPhone or an iPad.

Reason for this is, transferring music or video files between iPhones or iPads isn’t possible. You can using downloaders and file sharing apps like Xender, T-downloader et cetera though. However, receiving music files for example, via Xender or T-downloader only retains the files in it’s respective app. These files cannot be found or accessed on the stock iOS music app.

Using just an iOS device, buying songs from iTunes automatically saves them on the stock music app. But, what if you can actually download the songs online? You see where I am driving at? If you use an iOS device, you need a computer (either Windows or Mac) to enjoy your device better.

Coming over to a computer, the basic app for iOS users is the iTunes. The iTunes works pretty well but has it’s shortcomings. For example, I personally haven’t been able to get around adding just specific file(s) to my iPhone without having to synchronize all the files in a specific folder. More so, I haven’t been able to get around exporting files from my iPhone or iPad to my computer using iTunes.

What that means is, if you plan to add just one song to your iPhone or iPad, iTunes would need to synchronize all the current music files on iTunes to your iPhone or iPad. If all the current songs on your iOS device aren’t available on the computer, it could lead to loss of files. And that’s where programs like WinX MediaTrans comes to play.

Introduction To WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans typically allows you transfer files from your computer to your iPhone and Vice versa without losing existing data.

WinX MediaTrans for transferring files from computer to iPhone

You can copy photos from iPhone to PC, music files, videos, books ET cetera.

In a simpler context, the difference between WinX MediaTrans and iTunes is, you can import and export files between an iOS device and your computer without having to loss existing files on the iPhone or iPad.

WinX MediaTrans Quick Review

Let’s start from the basics.

Downloading the program file from the WinX MediaTrans page (link in the comprehensive steps below), you are looking at a 29MB file. Quite small, yeah?

Installation is pretty easy and straight to the point. You don’t get asked too many questions. Hit the install button and in a few seconds, installation should be complete.

WinX MediaTrans installation successful

You can choose to launch the program after the installation is complete.

Having connected your iPhone or iPad to your computer, it should display on the software’s home screen.

iPhone connected to WinX MediaTrans

You can choose to import, export Photos, Music (Music Manager), Videos (Video Manager), Book, Voice & Ringtone, Flash Drive. There’s also an option to Remove DRM.

There is a free trial version and a full version. The trial version limits you to 30 imports and exports daily with a limit on being able to import voice note or utilize Remove DRM function. But now, you can get a free copy of WinX MediaTrans from its time-limited giveaway. Once activated this program, you can use the full function, but won’t let you update.

Quick Guide On How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using WinX MediaTrans

Let’s use transferring just phostos as a case study. Same applies to using transferring music files, videos and other supported files.

Step 1: Download WinX MediaTrans and run it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to computer, and WinX properly identifies the phone.

Step 2: Clicks on the Photos Transfer option as indicated in the screenshot above. After a few seconds, all the photos present on the phone should load up.

iPhone photos displayed on WinX software

Step 3: To export photos from your phone to computer, simply select the photos you want to export or transfer in batch. Then click on the Export option. Select the location where you’d like to save the pictures in. Within seconds, the pictures should be successfully saved and you should find them on your computer.

Quick Guide On How To Add/Transfer Photos From PC To iPhone Using WinX MediaTrans

Here I just transfer photo as an example. Same applies to using transferring music files, videos and other supported files from PC to iPhone.

Step 1: At this point, I like to assume you already have the iPhone connected to your computer, the WinX properly identifies the phone and you also have entered “Photo Transfer” interface. If yes, Good! We can proceed.

Step 2: Create a new photo album by tapping the “+” icon on the left to establish a new photo album and input some words to edit the album name. You can create several albums at one time.

Step 3: Add photos from computer to iPhone: select the new album->clicking “Add Photo” on the top, and choose between “add photo” and “add folder”->then browse in your hard drive and choose the image files or folds that you want to import.

Step 4: Click “Sync” button. The pictures should be successfully saved to your phone.

transfer photos from computer hard drive to computer

As earlier mentioned, same can be done using other files. Just select the respective file and hit the Export to save the selected file(s) from the iPhone to your computer, or hit the Add (file type) to import files from the computer to the iPhone.

If you are interested in WinX MediaTrans, just hold this chance to get a licensed copy of this iPhone transfer at:


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