Few days back, Blackberry released on update to BBM app and based on that update, BBM Pins Are No Longer private.

You may be asking, how do we mean BBM Pins Are No Longer private? With the latest BBM app installed, you can now chat with contacts on your phone without actually having their pin.

As we already know, whatsapp works in a way that if we have a contact stored on our phone and the person is a user of whatsapp, we can directly chat with them on whatsapp as long as the number is registered on whatsapp. That’s exactly what BBM has actually turned out to be.

For example, if you are a user of BBM and I have your number stored on my phone, I can actually chat with you even without having to send you a BBM request.

Good thing is, People who you haven’t officially accepted on BBM, cannot see your BBM display picture, see your BBM status updates and can neither make or receive calls with you via BBM voice.

How Do I Differentiate My BBM Contacts From Phone Contacts?
BBM contacts on latest bbm app

When you navigate to your contacts list on BBM, you’d find BBM contacts and just ‘Contacts’. The BBM contacts are the contacts you already have on your BBM. That is, you already sent a BBM request to them and they’ve already accepted you. Contacts on the other hand, are your phone contacts who use BBM.

Extra Tip: The retracting message feature still works well on the latest version and not on subscription plan as most people speculated. You can also simply hide the BBM sticker options.

With this development, do you think BBM has lost privacy? Personally, I think No. For the fact that BBM pin are no longer private, it doesn’t mean privacy as been lost. Since contacts cannot see if i am online or not, they shouldn’t get upset if i choose not to reply their pings.


  1. it happens after i did d factory reset… carlcare? phone dat has been rooted and tweaked many times lolzzz…

    • After Factory Reset?? Which means, that happened even before you posted a comment. Well, you can try re-installing the stock rom. Perhaps, that would fix it.

  2. its a tecno H7 running android 4.2 pls… another thing is dat it wont charge again… when i try to charge, it will jes off and more so, if d battery shows below 5% inside dat very phone, if i put d battery in anoda fone it will show up to 30-35%… pls help me out! thanx

  3. good morning and thanx 4 ur response but the thing is, d fone is not even coming up again.. it wont boot pass tecno logo so i cant access d fone menu… what can i do in such situation?

    • That happened before or after you had done the factory data reset? If your phone brand is supported by carlcare, take it to any carlcare office for it to be easily fixed for you.

  4. good evening Samuel, pls my tecno h7 keep hanging continuously and i tried formatting it but after successful format i noticed it was not formatted instead it was factory resetted cos my apps remain intact after reboot… pls what could be d problem? how can i wipe every god damn thing on it? urgent response pls. thanks in anticipation + kindly send me ur contact.

    • Factory reset only resets the phone to it’s default settings. Go to settings > Back Up & Reset, Tap on factory Data Reset. Doing that will erase all data on the phone.


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