Xiaomi unveils the MI VR Play, a VR headset inspired by Google Cardboard

Xiaomi has finally unveiled it’s much anticipated VR headset known as the Mi VR Play and it sure looks like a beefed up version of Google cardboard.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

Going by the company’s official announcement, the VR headset was initially referred to as the VR Toy edition but that was changed and renamed to Xiaomi Mi VR Play.

Going by the design and as earlier mentioned, the Mi VR Play is more like a beefed up version of Google’s cheap VR cardboard. And as expected, the device brings about a whole lot of improvement.

Xiaomi’s Mi VR headset is made out of spandex and Lycra, which should in-turn, provide more durability and a softer feel compared to the cardboard.

Xiaomi VR Toy edition

Another improvement is the fact the the Mi VR includes two openings at the front of the headset. These openings basically gives room for adjusting the smartphone conveniently while placed into the headset.

The Mi VR Play should be compatible with phone screen sizes between 4.7inch and 5.7inch. And yes, the VR headset is compatible with other smartphones, not just Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiami Mi VR Play different color styles

As you can guess from the images above, the Xiaomi Mi VR Play will be available in different styles.

More so, as expected, an app will be provided in line with the VR headset and according to the brand, Virtual Reality content from Popular Chinese video content providers like Youku, iQiyi, and VR hotcasts will be made available via the app.

In regards pricing and availability, Although the official forum post that introduced the headset is teasing fans to guess the price, Xiaomi is yet to announce an official price for the Mi VR Play.

The Xiaomi VR Play is currently undergoing testing in China. Hence, a release date hasn’t been communicated yet.


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