How To Change Infinix Hot X507 Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

Still on the Infinix Hot X507 android smartphone, here is an interesting tutorial that would aid those who intend using glo bis on the device. As you must have heard, glo bis can be used on android phones after the android phone IMEI has been successfully changed to that of a blackberry phone.

Earlier before now, we had published a post which clearly shows detailed tutorial on changing android imei to a blackberry imei. Although that method worked very well on the innjoo note, it didn’t work for the infinix hot. Here on this post, we’d like to show you how to change the infinix hot imei because we have changed ours.

Steps To Changing Infinix HOT X507 Android IMEI To A BlackBerry IMEI

=> Since we rooted our device first, it’s advisable you root your infinix x507 device before following other due process. Please Click Here to learn how to root the phone.

=> Generate a blackberry imei (Tutorial coming soon) or you can request using the comment form and one will be sent to your email address.

=> Make a backup of your phone current IMEI. This is important in-case you’d like to revert back to its default IMEI anytime.

old imei numbers on infinix hot

=> Download Mobile Uncle from Google Play store Here.

=> Launch the app, choose to grant root access when prompted.

=> Tap on Engineer Mode > Engineer Mode (MTK) > Connectivity > CDS Information.

=> Under CDS Information, Tap On Radio Information. If you want to change the SIM 1 IMEI number, choose Phone 1. If SIM 2, choose Phone 2.

=> At this point, you should see AT+. Tap on it and Press E. A pop up options should display. If changing SIM 1 IMEI, choose AT+EGMR=1,7,””. If SIM 2, choose AT+EGMR=1,10,””. Give a space between AT and + thereby making it look like AT +.

=>Next, go in-between (center of) the two inverted column and type in the Blackberry IMEI you’d like to use. Thereby, you should get something like AT +EGMR=1,7,”(New BlackBerry IMEI Number)” (Please do not include the bracket). When done, Tap On Send At Command and you should get an ‘At command msent‘ message.

=> Now close the mobile uncle tools app, Turn on Airplane mode and restart the device.

=> When properly booted, Turn off airplane mode and dial *#06# and you should realize the new BB IMEI number you changed to.

New Blackberry IMEI number on infinix hot

=> Fix in your already subscribed GLO BIS Sim or you can choose to subscribe on the android by sending comonth to 777. Make sure the APN is set as and you should enjoy surfing with glo bis on your infinix hot x507 phone.


  1. @kelvin, yea. In fact, I first got to know of the mtk engineering mode before this mobile uncle.
    I used mtk Engr mode to change my TECNO q1’s imei and used mobile uncle to change that of my infinix hot.

  2. Weldone… I am just visiting your blog for the first time.. And am impressed, what a great post. Please I need a blackberry imei number thanks.

  3. I am a first timer on your blog, pls, I will like to get the information on how to change my IMEI to that of Nokia from my Android H5, pls, I need clear illustration, Tnx boss. Kudos to you.

  4. Tnx Boss, but I didn’t get how to change my Android IMEI, I need to know how to do that pls, can I have the link to its tutorial???? I also want to know how I can restore it to the normal IMEI after I have changed it. Tnx

  5. Sammy, this is the message I received after I sent it ooooo “Sorry, you currently have no active Data Bundle. Subscribe to a data plan now! Text HELP to 131 for a list of available data plans.” pls what’s the solution now, I will be glad if you can assist me pls. Tnx Boss.

    • Perhaps the IMEI number you used was wrong. Try changing to a valid one. Use the instructions above squarely and you should be good to go.

  6. Gudday boss.. big thumbs up to all ur help nd assistance bt ryt nw av gat 2 issues 1: i changed my techno p5 imei number to blackberry… i used a curve4 imei number dats nt in use, bt d ish is dat d network goz off nd on anyhw pls wats d solution.. den secondly my bluegate tablet doesnot av mtk in engineering mode using mobile uncle so how do i change the imei number….. bluegate BD7.. re u on whatsapp or bbm so i could send u d fones full details .. build number nd all

  7. my uncle wants to purchase infinix zero… so i wanted to ask if its possible to change the imei number without rooting the f
    device just like most techno products… tanx bosd

    • Hello, guess that’s because the IMEI has already been used. You can try changing to another IMEI and make sure the APN is

      • How do i make the APN Please explain as i amconfused.

        Also i have subscribed for GLO Bis but i am yet to be notified on a successful subscription. It says i should wait for 1 hour. Is it a general thing or just me?

        Thanks, pls respond.

  8. D’Guru pls I need ur help seriously am usin samsung ace2. it is a single sim phone pls I need ur gelp on hw to enjoy brousin av exusted all ma money on suscroption. pls help me or pls it posible for me to chang d imei to blackberry or anytin pls sir help creat one. eaitin foward to here from u sir.

    • If you are in lagos state, you can take it to GSM village so that they can change the IMEI for you. If you don’t want to change it, you can use glo (2500 for 4.5GB), MTN (N2015 for N2GB), Airtel (N1500 for 2GB bis plan). All information on these plans are available on this blog.

    • There’s no limit to the number of times a phone’s IMEI number can be chanced. However, i won’t advice doing the process to often. Only do it when it’s really necessary.

  9. Tnx for ur post. I really like. U are blessed. How can I root my tecno S7. Is there any danger in rooting my phone? Without changing my IMEI cant i use already subscribed glo sim on my phone. Plsss send me ur bb pin lets talk

    • Personally, i don’t see anything wrong in rooting a phone other than the fact that it voids your phone warranty. Currently, changing a phone’s IMEI is the easiest and most effective way to using glo bis on android.

  10. hey Samuel its been pleasure to read ur block and i find it vry interesting. i have tried very tin on dis block and i am gud to go.
    but der iz problem i am havin, iz it all de imei of a bb phone wnted to if an imei wl werk.

  11. Pls send me d details on how to change imei and I also need 5 genuine blackberry imei pls. My

  12. pls would love to know if I change my imei would it enable browse with bis plans and also would I be able to tether to ma system even without. changing. the systems imei cos imei simply means. international. mobile equipment identification

  13. and pls dose of u all changing ur imei how many have browsed with bis plans even after changing. their. imei to blackberry imei
    Asking cos I’m. afraid of loosing anoda thousand bucks and pls tell us how to change the imei even after the app generates an imei number ………..hia is ma mail send me more details pls

  14. plz am from Ghana can u plz help me with the short codes to send to mtn or glo so as to get enuf megabits on my infinix fone afta changin IMEI to dat of BB.plz help cos u de best to help Admi and u dose here

  15. Pls mr sam, can I root my samsung galaxy 2? So that I can use my glo bis on it? My pin is 28554261 I an in ur channel too u can still post it there

  16. Morning boss I just want to ask if I can change my infinix hot X507 IMEL to blackberry without rooting it… Hope to hear from you back soon thanks

  17. Good evening samuel,…I commend u for d good work…I bliv afta reading all comments d whole changing is nothin to fear…am using infinix hot so I will nt mind changing my imei too if u will assist me with blackberry imei plus d app and procedure for changing it. My email addr is

  18. Hey Guys, thanks for the direction so. I HAVE A LITTLE ISSUE, MY DATA IS NOT COMING ON AND I DONT NOT WATS WRONG….PLZ HELP!!!


  20. pls I need blackberry imei pls it is urgent pls. jedidiahiyamu27 pls I need it to today thanks alot

  21. Please can u take me truu Dr process of generating or updating imei on my galaxy note3 clone?….. Using MTN network

  22. pls mr sam, after sucexfu changing of d imei no, d browsing sign dosnt show up wit, bt i wil apear wit glo secure and flat. . . I mean d *H* or *E* or *3g*. Pls help me out

    • Jejelowo, that may be as a result of the fact that you do not have an active blackberry subscription. Send Status to 777 to confirm.

  23. Hi
    Thanks a lot, pls after rooting and trying to send the At command I get this this command is not allowed for userbuild pls what do u tink is the cos. Thanks

    • Johnson, it seems you were the one who sent me an email. I have replied you with a Blackberry IMEI number as requested. Cheers!

  24. Please how do I root my device. Cause my device imei is not changing and what is the code for checking data bal. Thanks

  25. Hello Sam, I was Impressed to have seen ur post, in fact u are a genius. Pls, I will be happy if u can send valid bb imei no to configure my infinix hot phone. gmail address:- abbeylove87ng@gmail

  26. Please need full details or procedures on how to change Infinix imei to black berry…. Also how to tweak imei into phone….. Thanks

  27. Plz sir, I need application for creating BB imei to install on my computer.
    the old one which is gipbb that I have, has virus. so I need latest one now sir.

  28. Hi Samuel, thanks for everything. Sir please I need a valid BB imei. I’ll be most grateful. Thanks, keep up with the good work.

  29. Yo
    it was kul
    but pls i need to change it back to my normal infinix hot note imei ……
    pls i need ur help ????
    Fb: Alex Milz rankin
    num: 08134689173

    • Precybabe, please ask our the bbm channel(you can find the link a little before the comment session) and I’d send one across to you ASAP.

  30. Hello.I tried the things in the post but they didn’t work.When I dialled both codes, nothing happened.How do I even know if my phone is mtk or not. I’ve rooted it and downloaded mtk engineering app but still it didn’t work. I used the bb imei app but it didn’t work. Please help send an imei code and if u can help. I use an alcatel pixi3 phone.


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